Amina Figarova

"Blue Whisper" Line-up:

Amina Figarova - piano
Bart Platteau - flute, flute d'amor, bass- flute, ocarina
Alex Pope Norris - trumpet
Wayne Escoffery - tenor & soprano sax
Jeroen Vierdag - bass
Jason Brown - drums

Video Sample:

Composer and pianist Amina Figarova's 12th album, titled Twelve, celebrates jazz as an international music and New York City as a locale where jazz gypsies may feel most at home. A suite of songs for sextet Figarova wrote swiftly in 2011 after moving with her husband and musical partner, flutist Bart Platteau, to Forest Hills, Queens from their longtime European base, Twelve is suffused with the heightened expectations, sense of adventure and fresh perceptions that voluntary emigrés enjoy, as well as the confidence, creative energies and nuanced fulfillment that artists gain from being in the right place at the right time. 

Amina was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan, Bart is from Belgium, and together they are citizens of the world. They've toured extensively, developing a tight-knit ensemble that, despite inevitable personnel changes, has attained a distinctive and inimitable voice by concentrating on all-original repertoire for almost 18 years.


A skilled and imaginative composer...Born in Azerbaijan (...), Figarova brings a remarkably broad range of influences to her works, which may help explain their appeal. You can hear the influence of her classical training in the care she brings to her scoring. Yet the mercurial, unpredictable nature of her musical themes – and the intriguing way she develops them - points to a composer enraptured with the creative possibilities of jazz."- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

"Figarova is among the most important composers to come into jazz in the new millennium..."- Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes November 2008